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Find the right people for your internships and employment opportunities among EHL students, graduates and alumni. Select profiles of EHL students and alumni that match your needs.

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EHL is an invaluable source of talent for your intern and employee positions. Graduates of our bachelor, master or certificate programs bring both rigorous academic preparation and practical experience to apply to the most challenging issues facing your organization. Additionally, EHL’s vast alumni network also provides a deeply experienced talent pool, from which you can find candidates suitable for more experienced roles in your organization.

      Hire the best hospitality management students from EHL


      Together, EHL students and alumni represent more than 100 nationalities who can help fuel your growth as a global organization.


      Approximately 50% of alumni work outside the traditional hospitality industry, because EHL graduates are masters of client experience.


      Our combination of practical as well as academic learning ensures that EHL graduates are well-prepared to work both independently and in groups.


      EHL students and graduates also bring strong managerial skills that have broad applicability for all types of industries with a customer experience focus.


      EHL graduates are also savvy in cross-cultural settings and situations, enabling them to be effective in any global organization. In fact, 85% of students speak three or more languages.


        You can choose to recruit on our online platform or attend one of our career fairs on the Lausanne campus.

        We offer two internship periods a year. These allow our students to immerse themselves in hospitality and truly put their classroom learning into practice. Find our internship dates for the year and our internship directives, or post your internship opportunities on our job platform.


        Operational internships Preparatory Year  (Kitchen, Service, Housekeeping, Reception etc.), Preparatory Year students, 24-week internship

        Summer: between end of August 2020 and end of January 2021 (exact date to be confirmed)
        Winter: between mid of February and mid of August 2021

        Administrative internships Bachelor (Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management, HR etc.), Bachelor students, 24-week internship:

        Summer: between 29 of June 2020 and 31 of January 2021 (subject to change)
        Winter: between end of January and mid of August 2021 (subject to change)