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Innovation @ EHL

At EHL, we are shaping the future of the hospitality industry with our Innovation Hub, Hospitality Insights Blog, and Research Institutes. These activities promote the exchange of ideas and innovative thinking among our students, alumni and partners worldwide.

    Come Invent the Future of Hospitality at EHL

      Future of Hospitality at EHL -Rémi Walbaum>

      At EHL, we bring innovative concepts to the classroom and the hospitality industry through research and collaboration with industry experts. We invite faculty members, students and industry partners to participate in conferences, applied research projects, contests and our Innovation Hub, which is an incubator for hospitality start-ups. 

      Research is an essential part of our educational philosophy, and as a University of Applied Sciences our key faculty members participate in industry research projects that bring insight and innovation to the classroom and diverse industry sectors. With their guidance, our students learn to conduct research and analysis, and apply their knowledge to create new business concepts and solutions for the hospitality industry.”

      - Rémi Walbaum, Chief Innovation & Valorization Officer

        Innovation Foundation

        EHL invites institutions and businesses to join the creation of the EHL Innovation Foundation through financial contribution and insights. The role of the Foundation will be to support the activities of the Hub and award the most promising start-ups.

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        External contributions will be attributed to the most deserving and innovative start-ups by the EHL Board of Governors, based on input from a panel of professionals and experts from the hospitality field. Contributions will bear the name of the donor and will be presented to the laureates on the occasion of a yearly gala dinner, and communicated to the media.

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          EHL Innovation Hub

          The EHL Innovation Hub is designed to welcome outstanding creators and innovators, and provide them with the financial support and infrastructure they need to achieve their vision. With the EHL Campus at its doorstep, access to expert Professors and professionals, the EHL Innovation Hub will provide hospitality start-ups with the ideal setting to realize their project. Startups will be selected from a wide variety of sectors in order to foster the cross-fertilization of innovation across industries, thus driving the hospitality industry forward and expanding growth opportunities.

          Inspired by leading startup culture, the environment of the Hub is designed to cultivate collaborative and inventive practices. The Hub will also provide a concrete avenue for companies to develop think tanks, submit research and development projects, and pilot programs which will contribute to the development of the industry.

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            EHL Innovation Hub for hospitality start-ups

            The Hospitality Business Incubator

            EHL's Business Incubator supports startups entering the hospitality industry. We help you create and develop your start-up by offering a portfolio of services tailored to your early-stage needs. The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne launched the first business incubator dedicated to hospitality in 2009 and has since supported a range of diverse entrepreneurial projects.

            Learn More About the EHL incubator
            EHL innovation

            A Real Market Place

            Located a short distance from the EHL campus, the Innovation Hub’s new site will host a variety of businesses and activities. With bars, restaurants and parking spaces, it serves as a meeting venue where visitors and industry partners can discuss future business initiatives. The building also offers plentiful working space for the startups that will be housed there, while remaining close enough to campus to maintain strong interaction with students, faculty and staff.

              EHL Innovation Hub for businesses and activities
              Hospitality Insights Blog

              This blog publishes thought-provoking content from industry experts, both in business and academia brought to you by the Lausanne Hospitality Research Center in partnership with STR, a market research company that provides premium global data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights.

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