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EHL Network of Certified Schools

Based on more than 125 years of experience in training hospitality leaders, EHL provides guidance and support to other hospitality or hotel management schools and helps them reach a level of quality that matches EHL's standards.


    EHL Certification Scheme

    The EHL Certification Scheme is a quality assurance framework addressing the needs of hospitality and tourism education institutions to continuously improve their educational offer and internal organization.

    • The Scheme provides a structured path for Candidate Schools in their continuous journey towards excellence in hospitality and tourism education, in accordance with their institutional profile and maturity.
    • The Scheme supports institutions to improve and mature over time through a three-stage journey: Associate Member, Certified School and Center of Excellence. The Scheme develops a formal reference framework that the Candidate Institution has to comply with in order to reach the corresponding status.
    • The Scheme aims at ensuring impartiality in the decision-making. The Scheme itself, as a quality assurance framework, is to be distinguished from the advisory services provided to the Candidate institutions to ensure they can successfully reach the statuses they aim at.

      EHL Certification Scheme
      Worldwide School Network

      The following schools integrated the EHL network of schools by demonstrating a high level of commitment towards hospitality education and strong partnerships within their local industry. These schools enter into the certification program ensuring periodic reviews, qualitative enhancements and faculty training to maintain the certification. Faculty and management of each school undergo our Qualified Learning Facilitator’s training program, designed to transfer the art and science of effective learning.

      Associate Members

      The following schools began their journey towards certification by joining as Associate Members of the EHL Certification Scheme.

      Certified Members

      Students from the certified institutions benefit from a benchmarked curriculum, appropriate campus facilities, and transfer/exchange opportunities within the global network of certified schools.

        EHL Certification Commission

        The Certification Commission is the highest authority within the Scheme. Its duties include granting, renewing or removing the status of Candidate or Member institutions of The Scheme, as well as adopting the documents, guidelines, fee structure and procedures pertaining to the granting and maintenance of these statuses.

        Members of the Certification Commission:

        • Dr Juan Francisco PERELLON - Chairman of the Certification Commission and EHL Group Chief Academic Officer
        • Dr Jacques LANARÈS - Vice Rector Emeritus, University of Lausanne and Member of the Swiss Accreditation Council
        • Mr Michael HARTMANN - Managing Director, Swiss School of Tourism & Hospitality
        • Mr Jérôme BÜHLMANN - Head of Vocational Education & Schools, hotelleriesuisse Swiss Hotel Association


          EHL certification commission
          Commission Meeting Dates

          The Commission meets four times a year to decide on the status of candidates who completed the whole application process. Material to be reviewed by the Commission (including the application form and supporting documents, the internal evaluation as well the external visit report) must be available at least 4 weeks prior the Commission meeting.

          Dates for 2021

          • January 29, 2021
          • April 30, 2021
          • August 27, 2021
          • November 12, 2021

          For further information about the EHL Certification Scheme, please contact us by email.

          Contact us

            Advisory Services for Education

            Through our consulting entity, EHL Advisory Services, we transfer knowledge of international hospitality industry standards and trends, management education methods and the latest teaching best-practices with the vision of sharing the Swiss hospitality excellence around the world.

            EHL Advisory Services can assist throughout the full life-cycle of a learning center, from an initial project phase to developing existing learning centres.

            Examples of advisory services we can provide to learning centers:

            • Market studies and concept definitions for greenfield projects
            • Academic concept design
            • Curriculum design/improvement/support
            • Management and faculty search/support/development
            • Marketing & Admissions support
            • Academic audits

              Global Master's in Hospitality Mangement at EHL
              EHL Advisory Services : Learning Centers

              EHL Advisory Services has a long track record of successful relationships with learning centres.

              The unique formula for successful advisory is an integrated approach that evolves around knowledge transfer and people development at all levels of an organization.  Some of the learning centers we have relationships with include:

              • Yanghzou Hospitality Institute | China
              • Guilin Institute of Tourism | China
              • Hospitality Institute of Sanya|China
              • Shanghai Huarui Postgraduate School|China
              • Zhongshan Polytechnic|China
              • Dusit Hospitality Management College (DHMC)|Philippines
              • CPF Culinary School | Thailand
              • Lotusland Investment Group| USA
              • Indian School of Hospitality| India
              • Université Mohammed VI Polytechnique | Morocco
              • Yingli Group | China 
              • Tongli High-end Grain House | South China
              • Wangchuk Group of Companies Pvt. Ltd. (WGC) | Bhutan
              • Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) | Jerusalem
              • University of Prince Mugrin | Medina, Jeddah, Ryadh
              • Azalai Hotels, Bamako Mali | Mali
              • AMC Metropolitan College | Greece
              • Luxury Hotelschool Paris | France 
              • SC Hyper Real | Romania