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Live & Study in Switzerland

Switzerland continually ranks among the top countries for education and quality of life. Read on to discover why and then see why so many students choose to study in Switzerland.

Why study in EHL
    Top Reasons to Study Hospitality in Switzerland

    Switzerland is traditionally famous for its political neutrality, watchmaking, craggy mountains, and delicious chocolate and cheese, and these great features remain very attractive today. However, in the 21st century, Switzerland has emerged as a top destination for education for a variety of more modern reasons. Here are the top reasons why thousands of international students choose to study in Switzerland, particularly for hospitality and business education.

    Swiss School’s Have a Reputation for Excellence

    Studying in Switzerland puts a stamp of quality on your degree because Switzerland ranks among the top countries for higher education, particularly for having the best hotel schools and universities.

    According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Human Capital Report 2017, which ranks countries based on how well they develop human capital, Switzerland ranked 3rd overall and 1st in the category of “know-how.” Indeed, Swiss schools specialize in developing highly-qualified professionals with the best programs for the finance sector, hospitality management, engineering and watchmaking.

    High-Quality Student Life

    Switzerland is a great place to study because it offers a high quality of living with excellent food, public transportation, entertainment, and a healthy climate. For the past three years, Switzerland has ranked among the top four countries for the happiness and well-being of its residents and citizens, according to the World Happiness Report, which evaluates “the main factors found to support happiness: caring, freedom, generosity, honesty, health, income and good governance.”  

    Additionally, Swiss cities (particularly Zurich, Bern and Geneva) frequently rank among the top ten cities in the world for the best quality of life according to the Mercer Quality of Life index which measures a city’s capacity to provide good living standards.

    Switzerland Encourages Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    If you want to start your own business someday, Switzerland the place to study because of its dynamic business culture that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. Switzerland was ranked the most innovative country in the world for the seventh year in a row, according to the Global Innovation Index of 2017.  This study evaluates 127 national economies examining five factors: Institutions, Human capital and research, Infrastructure, Development of markets, and Business development, of which Switzerland excelled most in human capital and research, infrastructure and business development.

    For such a small country, Switzerland also contributes a great deal to the development of new technology by sponsoring research and development, and it also has the world’s second highest rate of patents delivered per inhabitant, with 892 patents for 1 million inhabitants in 2016.

    The Swiss Support the Arts and Value History

    In the heart of Europe, Switzerland is an ideal place to learn about European culture because it has such a well-preserved history with artifacts and stories dating all the way back to pre-history, remnants of Roman architecture, and many cities with the old, stone-walled structures of medieval Europe. It has more than 900 museums, many of which relate to regional history and crafts, and 11 sites that are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    Additionally, the major cities in Switzerland feature many museums and exhibition halls dedicated to the arts. There are also famous international art and craft shows year-round including Baselworld (watch and jewelry expo) and Art Basel, International Motor Show Geneva, International Short Film Festival (Winterthur) and many more. The Swiss are also excellent craftsmen (and women) and the watchmaking industry offers a fascinating look into the evolution of high-precision craftsmanship evolving with a high-tech, luxury industry.

    Switzerland Has the Best Food & Entertainment

    As a student in Switzerland, you will see the serious, hardworking side of the Swiss, but you will also enjoy a lot of good food and fun. Indeed, Switzerland has the highest concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants for its size and the city of Lausanne alone has four Michelin-starred restaurants and 20 restaurants with 12 or more points assigned by Gault&Millau (2018). Switzerland also has a reputation for having the world’s best chocolate and cheeses, and you can visit factories that offer tours and tastings throughout the year.

    For party and music lovers, the country hosts hundreds of music festivals, events and concerts throughout the year. During the autumn and winter months, the Swiss throw celebrations for the harvest season, the wine-making, and the end of winter (Carnival). In the spring and summer, music festivals such as the Cully and Montreux Jazz festivals, and the Paleo festival, attract thousands of visitors for the international artists performing in picturesque settings.

    Exciting Outdoor Sports and Adventures

    One of the best reasons to study in Switzerland is it’s sheer, natural beauty with its mountains and lakes that attract tourists from around the world for outdoor sports and recreation. It’s why Switzerland has one of the lowest obesity rates in all of Europe, because you can go out walking, hiking and biking year-round and there are fun sports to enjoy in every season.

    In the summer, you can explore the back country by hiking and mountain biking on over 60,000 kilometers of trails where you can stop for food and refreshments in tiny mountain auberges. Or you can catch an adrenalin rush in regions like Interlaken that are famous for extreme sports such as sky diving, glacier trekking and climbing. Or you can explore Switzerland’s deep, wide rivers perfect for river rafting and canoeing.

    In the winter, you can take advantage of the world-class skiing and snowboarding conditions in resorts located throughout the country, because wherever you are, you are usually not more than an hour away from the slopes. Additionally, winter stations offer fun sledding and snow tubing slopes, snow shoeing adventures with a fondue dinner, dog-sledding faces, sleigh rides and much more.

    Switzerland Key Facts

    • 118 Michelin starred-restaurants
    • 900 Museums
    • #1 for Innovation
    • 1,500 lakes
    • 48 mountains 4,000 meters high or more
    • 23% foreign population
    • 4 official languages (French, German, Italian, Romansch)
    • Population around 8 million

    Life in Switzerland with EHL

    Life at EHL gives students access to all of Switzerland’s best features. Located at the top of Lausanne, our campus offers a diverse cultural scene, sports activities and comfortable accommodations. Plus, our students have easy access to one of Switzerland’s most popular cities for nightlife and entertainment (Lausanne) and to Geneva, an international travel hub. Discover what life is like in Switzerland with EHL.



    Why study in EHL