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The REFE team of experts

The REFE Institute

The REFE Institute is composed of a team of award-winning faculty members who are specialists in their fields as experienced industry practitioners and published academic researchers. Their areas of expertise are generally quantitatively-focused on the following categories and topics. 

    Real Estate Finance

    Prashant Das, PhD
    Commercial Real Estate (REITs, CMBS, Hedonic Valuation, Finance, Investment, Sustainability, Hotels)
    Rene-Ojas Woltering, PhD
    Real Estate Investment Vehicles and Strategies relevant to the Hospitality Industry

    Remy Rein, MRICS
    Hotel Valuation, Asset Management, Development

      Wine Economics, Corporate Finance, Market Finance

      Philippe Masset, PhD
      Wine Economics, Empirical Finance, Hospitality Finance, Real Estate Finance, Financial Risk Management

      Jean-Philippe Weisskopf, PhD
      Wine Economics, Liquidity, Transparency and Risk aspects in Family Businesses

      Stephane Haddad
      Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Corporate Finance

      Augusto Hasman, PhD
      Mergers & Acquisitions, Central Banks, Risk


        Managerial & Financial Accounting

        Karen Earl-Erpelding
        Financial Accounting, Real Estate

        Maya Gharbi
        Banking Industry

        Giovanni Battista Derchi, PhD
        Business Planning, Management Control, Performance Evaluation and Corporate Sustainability


          Hospitality & Tourism Economics

          Yong Chen, PhD
          Tourist Behavior, Customer Satisfaction, Tourism Economic Impacts, Sharing Economy, Chinese Outbound Tourism

          Giuliano Bianchi, PhD
          Corporate Governance, Economics of Crime, Tourism Economics, Applied Econometrics, Forecasting

          Isabella Blengini, PhD

          Luciano Lopez, PhD
          Applied Economics, Foreign Aid, Development Economics, Trade Economics

          Claudio Sfreddo, PhD
          Macro Economics, Language Economics