An MBA in Hotel Management

Our MBA is the only program of this level geared specifically towards aspiring general managers and executives of a hotel. It primes you with the skills to rise to the unique challenges of the next step in your career.

In an industry where uncertainty is always prevalent, our program will put you one step ahead. Combining EHL’s heritage as the world’s first hospitality management school with our forward-thinking lens, we arm you with strategies to advance a hotel’s position and profitability. We also guide you through current best practices and disruptive trends, so that you have the latest insights to thrive as a leader.

Our MBA participants are all in the hospitality industry. We have designed our program to enable you to study while you work, so you do not need to leave your job. With many modules taught virtually, flexibility built in, and dedicated mentors, we give you the support you need to succeed in this career-changing opportunity.

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The business side of hospitality

Study hotel management with a business-first mindset. Our faculty members have held senior positions in hospitality and turned around businesses in a range of industries. Drawing on their expertise, you will learn strategies to successfully manage a hotel.


Stay ahead of industry trends

Our MBA encourages you to become a leader of the future. Learn current best practices and explore the impact and opportunities of topical trends with your peers. The capstone project is also an opportunity to apply your learnings to a real-world challenge.


One-to-one wellbeing support

Our MBA is a part-time program spread over 24 months with both in-person and virtual classes. To make the most of your study experience, you will work closely with a learning manager who will help you find a work, life, study balance and plan ahead for seasonal demands.

Key Facts



Master of Business Administration (MBA)
in Hospitality



24 months
(option to extend)


Weekly Study Time

15 hours



20% on site at our Lausanne campus,
80% virtual


Program Delivery

Online & 15 days on site
in three one-week courses


Start Dates

March and August of each year


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Academic Curriculum

The objective of this module is to help you familiarize with the online learning environment, the tools available and to give you a comprehensive look at the current state of the hospitality industry.

This module includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to the MBA Program
  • Hospitality Management in the 21st Century
  • IT Fundamentals
  • Academic Integrity

3 weeks

Constant change in the distribution environment has increased the number of distinct price points and strategies that a hotel must manage. In this module, you’ll learn the latest industry practices and gain an integrated view of distribution, e-marketing and revenue management, in order to increase your market share.

This module includes the following courses:

  • High Performance Distribution Strategy for Hotels
  • Revenue Management for Market Leaders
  • Successful Hotel E-marketing and Social Media Strategies

15 weeks

Understanding financial concepts is crucial for senior management in hospitality. In this module, you'll learn how to use financial statements and apply the latest financial practices within the hospitality context, in order to make well-informed decisions.

This module includes the following courses:

  • Hotel Financial Statements Analysis
  • Hotel Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Advanced Corporate Finance for the Hospitality industry

15 weeks

A key objective for today’s senior hotel professionals is to increase their hotels’ asset value. In this module, you’ll develop an understanding of hotels as an asset category intended to provide a return to owners and investors. You’ll apply industry methods for evaluating hotel developments and real estate investments. After gaining familiarity with the latest tools and metrics, you’ll be able to confidently engage in negotiations with stakeholders.

This module includes the following courses:

  • Hotel Asset Management
  • Valuation of Hotel Investments
  • Feasibility Analysis, Development and Negotiations

15 weeks

The hospitality industry is a cyclical business characterized by imbalances between supply and demand. In this module, you’ll learn how to deal with sudden growth as well as periods of stagnation and decline, all of which demand flexible managerial skills and strong organizational abilities.

This module includes the following courses:

  • Managing Underperforming Properties
  • Trends, Innovations and New Business Models
  • Hospitality Economics

15 weeks

Effective leadership is essential to the development and continued success of high-performing teams. In this module, you’ll develop an understanding of your strengths, values and objectives. Then, you’ll practice how to use your personal style to become a highly effective leader.

This module includes the following courses:

  • Personal Leadership Development (on-site module)
  • Maximizing Individual and Collective Performance
  • Leading in a Multicultural Environment

1 week at EHL Campus & 10 weeks online

Along with your fellow MBA students, you’ll meet renowned hospitality experts from global hotel chains, integrated resorts, online travel agencies and investment firms. The private setting will foster lively discussions focusing on two of the most important capabilities effective leaders must master.

This module includes the following courses:

  • Crisis Communication Management
  • Driving Hotel Performance


2 x 1 week at EHL Campus, Switzerland

The MBA "personal work" synthesizes theoretical knowledge, skills, prior experience and extra-curricular involvement into one business project of professional interest.

This module includes the following courses:

  • Business Research Methods
  • Project Management / Consultancy
  • Academic Writing, Research and Integrity
  • Capstone Thesis

15 weeks + Capstone Project (225 hours)


Dr Isabella Blengini

Associate Professor

Subject taught :


Dr Stefano Borzillo

Associate Professor

Subject taught :

Organizational Behaviour

Dr Margarita Cruz

Assistant Professor

Subject taught :

Strategic Management

Dr Giovanni-Battista Derchi

Assistant Professor

Subject taught :

Budgeting and Forecasting

Mr Stéphane Haddad

Senior Lecturer

Subject taught :


Dr Cindy Heo

Associate Professor

Subject taught :

Revenue Management
Revenue Management for Market Leaders

Dr Demian Hodari

Associate Professor

Subject taught :

Strategic Management

Dr Sowon Kim Crettex

Associate Professor

Subject taught :

Leadership Development

Dr Masaki Mori

Associate Professor

Subject taught :

Valuation of Hotel Investments

Dr Cédric Poretti

Assistant Professor

Subject taught :


Dr Achim Schmitt

Full Professor - Associate Dean - Graduate Programs

Subject taught :

Strategic Management

What You Will Learn

Develop Effective Business Strategies for Hotels

Our program will equip you with the practical and theoretical insights you need to successfully manage a hotel. You will learn a variety of tried-and-tested strategies for everything from optimizing revenue to managing a premises through changeable business cycles and handling a large team.

Build your skills in finance, marketing, leadership, and risk management, and learn how to make well-informed decisions when faced with unforeseen challenges. Every topic is tailored to the hospitality world, training you to become an industry expert.

Future-Proof Your Hotel Management Career

Our program includes a forecasting element. With your peers, you will explore current trends and disruptive developments, and debate the ways in which you believe they will impact the hotel industry. Through discussions both online and in person at our Lausanne campus, you and your classmates also share your own professional experiences to broaden each other’s outlook.

You will also apply these real-world insights to an industry challenge of your choice during your capstone project. Find solutions to protect the hotel as well as opportunities for new avenues. We also encourage you to apply your learnings to your current and aspired role.

Transform your career at EHL


Be Part Of A Small Cohort

We only admit a handful of MBA course participants for a close and collaborative study experience. Engage in open discussions where everyone’s voice is heard and valued.



Make Career-Long Connections

50 course participants from other cohorts. Build bonds that will support you throughout your career.


Keep Progressing Your Career

You can study your MBA without leaving your current role. Combining virtual learning with in-person experiences, our program is designed to run alongside your work and personal commitments.

Admissions & Fees

Our MBA is designed to help you become a general manager or executive of a hotel. We select our course participants based on the personal qualities that we know are vital to succeed in hotel management roles. These include:

  • Aptitude for critical thinking & analysis
  • Cultural awareness & language skills
  • Customer-oriented service approach
  • Self-management & personal motivation
Learn more about the admissions requirements and fees by clicking below.

Apply Online

You can apply and submit documents online. If you would like any guidance in preparing a successful application, our admissions team will be happy to help.

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