Short Courses at EHL Campus (Singapore)


Luxury Brand Management

On completion of this 5-day course, you will be able to make relevant analysis, and contribute to the development and implementation of innovative, strategic solutions for branding, marketing and communicating luxury brands.

You will also be able to apply this learning in the context of the luxury hospitality business.


Designing Hotels and Restaurant Concepts

The course focuses on presenting, illustrating and discussing what hospitality concepts are exactly, how to design and implement them. 

Your class activities will include presentations from the professor and from guest speakers, case studies, workshops and participants groups’ presentations.

In order to apply the concepts covered in class, working in groups you develop a hospitality concept, and create a brand story.


People Analytics

The course focuses on understanding the application of data analytics to examine common HR challenges.  You will learn how to use evidence-based approaches in talent acquisition, how to use people data to inform decision-making, and how to evaluate the effectiveness of business strategies related to people (e.g. onboarding, remote work).

The course will also cover calculating the financial cost of low performance, turnover, and absenteeism, as well as the financial value of hiring the right candidates, and developing employees.


Advanced Certificate in Hospitality Finance Leadership

The current challenges faced by the hospitality sector have emphasized the need for efficient corporate financial management and governance and the requirement for talented professionals to develop their leadership and management skills to adaptive business models and market conditions.

The program includes 3 modules (6 courses) based on a combination of online and on-site courses.  Additional activities and events are organized in parallel to the delivery of the online module to enhance the student’s learning experience.