Short Courses at EHL Campus Lausanne


Service Innovation by Design

07 November 2022

This course is a highly experiential application of the design thinking methodology (learning by doing).  

It addresses and provide examples from a range of industries that are seeking to offer value to customers through services (product to service, financial services, hospitality) and gives you the tools to navigate the non-linear but exponential route to service innovation.

The course is equally relevant for experienced professionals in service businesses, as well as in product-oriented businesses with an intent towards Servitization.


Designing Hotels and Restaurant Concepts

11 November 2022

The course focuses on presenting, illustrating and discussing what hospitality concepts are exactly, how to design and implement them. 

Your class activities will include presentations from the professor and from guest speakers, case studies, workshops and participants groups’ presentations.

In order to apply the concepts covered in class, working in groups you develop a hospitality concept, and create a brand story.