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Professional development and online courses

To meet the need for continuous learning and professional development in the hospitality industry, EHL offers a variety of online certificates, custom programs for executives and corporations, and a part-time, mostly online MBA in hospitality for experienced professionals.

Culinary & Restaurant Management Certificate

The course offers a perfect balance of operations and academics with hand-on training, industry-recognized certifications, and management and entrepreneurship modules.

  • Ideal for career switchers and entrepreneurs who want to join the Food & Beverage industry
  • Intense 5-month program
  • 25 workshops with industry renowned experts

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    Short programs - Culinary & Restaurant Management Certificate

    Online Hospitality Certificates

    Our online certificates are ideal for busy hospitality managers and professionals who wish to improve their skills and knowledge about a specific subject relevant to their role or field in the hospitality industry.

    • 100% online program, accessible from anywhere, at anytime
    • Currently offered: Driving Hotel Revenues, Mastering Hotel Financials, Hotel Development and Real Estate Investments
    • Delivered by EHL, guarantees premium education
    • Program content based on EHL’s MBA

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      Online Hospitality Certificate courses at EHL

      Part-time MBA in Hospitality (80% Online)

      The MBA in Hospitality is delivered 80% online and 20% on campus offering a balanced learning experience with the freedom of online courses, and the support and interaction with faculty on campus. It gives students a solid education in finance, marketing, leadership, and risk management strategies.

      • Ideal for busy hospitality professionals who want to advance their career
      • Blended learning: 80% online, 20% (approximately 3 weeks) on campus
      • Focus on current best practices within the hospitality and service business sectors

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        MBA at your own pace

        Custom Programs for Professionals

        Our customized courses will train your employees on customer engagement through bespoke service excellence trainings and workshops based on world-class methodology and program rollout adjusted for your organization. Our selection of courses include:

        • Hospitality Etiquette
        • My brand
        • Vocational trainings on hard skills
        • Customer service excellence
        • Communication
        • Effectiveness & self-management
        • Cultural awareness, handling the differences

        Ces cours sont dispensés par notre société EHL Advisory Services

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          Custom Programs for Executives in hospitality industry