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Professional development and online courses

To meet the need for continuous learning and professional development in the hospitality industry, EHL offers a variety of online certificates, custom programs for executives and corporations, and a part-time, mostly online MBA in hospitality for experienced professionals.

Master Class in Culinary Arts

This master class offers the perfect balance of practice, certification, and management theory. It includes hands-on training, industry-recognized certifications, and management courses.

  • Ideal for candidates who wish to pursue a career or business venture in the culinary world
  • Intense, 5-month program
  • Includes training with world-recognized chefs in our gastronomic restaurant

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Online Hospitality Certificates

Our online certificates are ideal for busy hospitality managers and professionals who wish to improve their skills and knowledge about a specific subject relevant to their role or field in the hospitality industry.

  • 100% online program, accessible from anywhere, at anytime
  • Currently offered: Driving Hotel Revenues, Mastering Hotel Financials, Hotel Development and Real Estate Investments
  • Delivered by EHL, guarantees premium education
  • Program content based on EHL’s MBA

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Part-time MBA in Hospitality (80% Online)

The MBA in Hospitality is delivered 80% online and 20% on campus offering a balanced learning experience with the freedom of online courses, and the support and interaction with faculty on campus. It gives students a solid education in finance, marketing, leadership, and risk management strategies.

  • Ideal for busy hospitality professionals who want to advance their career
  • Blended learning: 80% online, 20% (approximately 3 weeks) on campus
  • Focus on current best practices within the hospitality and service business sectors

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MBA at your own pace

Custom Programs for Executives

Our executive courses focus on the latest industry trends to give you targeted skill sets and valuable tools and insights for the future of the hospitality industry.

  • For experienced hospitality professionals and executives
  • Delivered by our subsidiary, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC)
  • Selection of executive course modules, tailor-made courses, and Corporate Management Development programs

More information on the LHC website