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Immersion in the world of Hospitality

The Preparatory Year of the academic pathway will teach you everything you need to know about hotel and restaurant operations. It will prepare you to a 6-month adventure in the real-world of hospitality management.

    Immersion in the World of Hospitality

    In the Preparatory Year of the academic pathway, you will rotate through 20 workshops in the campus’ diverse food and beverage outlets, including a gourmet boutique, pastry and high-quality restaurants and room division departments to learn everything you need to know about hotel and restaurant operations. Then you’re off to internship for a 6-month adventure in the real-world of hospitality management.

      Your Hospitality Savoir-Faire

      • Swiss rigor: Live the Swiss standards of hygiene and excellence.
      • Attention to detail: Use your judgement to deliver perfect service.
      • Time Management: Learn to manage your time and tasks.
      • Agility: Adapt quickly, swapping workshops every week.
      • Team spirit: Work with diversity in multicultural teams.

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        Preparatory Year Overview

        Preparatory Year Courses

        • Bakery & pastry making
        • Catering
        • Applied mathematics & Excel for business hospitality management
        • Sustainable hospitality culture
        • Oenology & wine-producing regions
        • Global spirits
        • Housekeeping
        • International cuisine
        • Stewarding
        • French courses
        • Rooms division operations
        • Introduction to Business English
        • Michelin star experience
        • Introduction to F&B management
        • Fine dining cuisine
        • Events: management and operations
        • Front office & spa
        • R&D design lab
        • French courses
        • Fine dining restaurant & lounge bar
        • Bar & restaurant outlets

        Semester 2 - Operational Internship


        On your first internship, you will apply the skills
        you learned on campus and discover your strengths
        in the hospitality workplace among real guests and colleagues.


        To build your experience and CV, you may become a trainee
        in hotel restaurant, work in reception or housekeeping
        (rooms division) department, or do cross-training in a hotel or resort.


        With the support of our internship team, you will search
        and apply for this internship based on the company,
        location (language) and property type you seek to experience.



        « During my time at EHL, I got the opportunity of working for the Queen at Buckingham Palace, further expanding my cultural awareness through a semester abroad in Hong Kong, gaining a third language thanks to an internship in Spain. »

        Laura Otieno, Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management Semester 6