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The Academic Pathway to the Bachelor's Degree

This pathway offers an intensive immersion in hospitality and a more academic approach of applied research to prepare you for leadership positions in the hospitality and service industries.

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    Earn the world’s most respected hospitality management degree

    The Academic Pathway is the program on which EHL has built its reputation, earning a consistent spot among the top hospitality management schools in the world for both employer reputation and academic quality. It is an ideal choice if you seek a business degree foundation with the added excitement of hospitality know-how and internships.

    At graduation, you will have the hard skills to manage all key areas in a hospitality business and provide effective and innovative solutions, taking into account environmental, social and ethical issues. You will also know how to think critically and apply knowledge in the hospitality industry by gathering and interpreting relevant data, to make informed decisions.

    In the area of soft skills, you will learn to be an effective communicator, leader, and autonomous professional using of your experience, senses and service culture to interact with confidence, enthusiasm and creativity in a professional environment. When you leave EHL, it’s only the beginning as you become a life-long learner, always seeking greater knowledge and connections.


      Unique Advantages for your career

      In the dynamic, hive-like business environment of the Lausanne campus, you will undertake a transformative learning experience that comes from the classroom and the many social committees and industry visitors on campus, giving you these added advantages in the professional world.

      • Double merit of a Swiss and USA accredited bachelor degree
      • Leadership and research expertise in hospitality and entrepreneurship
      • Project management background as a hospitality consultant with professional-grade work
      • Real-world professional experience at an operational and supervisory level


        Students presenting figures
        A strong professional foundation

        Through two professional internships, you will establish your hospitality roots and discover the world of hospitality business to give you solid experience and contacts for your career after graduation.

        On your first internship, you will apply the skills you learned on campus and discover your strengths in the hospitality workplace among real guests and colleagues. To build your experience and CV, you may become a trainee in hotel restaurant, work in reception or housekeeping (rooms division) department, or do cross-training in a hotel or resort. With the support of our internship team, you will search and apply for this internship based on the company, location (language) and property type you seek to experience.

        The management internship offers you the possibility to take on greater responsibilities and apply the administrative and management concepts you have learned in class to real world hospitality projects, teams and departments.  Or you can choose to work on your own start-up business for six months.


          Academic Pathway Outline

          Year 1

          Semester 1:

          Financial Accounting
          Food & Beverage Cost Control
          Foundations of Hospitality Marketing
          Management Information System Tools/Spreadsheets
          Human Behavior & Performance in the Workplace
          Business Communication
          Foreign Languages

          Semester 2:

          Operational Marketing in the Hospitality Industry
          Service Quality & Design
          Hospitality Economics
          Topics in Financial Analysis
          Academic Writing
          Rooms Division Management
          Foreign Languages


          Year 2

          Semester 3:

          Revenue Management
          Talent Management Systems
          Legal Awareness
          Managerial Accounting
          Customer Information & Distribution Channel Management
          International Services Marketing
          Foreign Languages

          Semester 4:

          This internship offers you the possibility to take on greater responsibilities and apply the administrative and management concepts you have learned in class to real world hospitality projects, teams and departments.

          Professional achievement: Gain more experience in a classic hospitality establishement or try another type of business such as finance, luxury, travel, events or wellness.

          Career skills: Independently, you will search and apply for this internship based on your previous internship experience and career aspirations.

          Become an Intern in your own start-up

          Instead of the management internship, you can choose to be an intern in your own start-up project, dedicating all of your time and energy to developing your business concept and getting it running with the guidance of faculty members.


          Year 3

          Semester 5:

          Corporate Strategy
          Real Estate Finance
          Corporate Finance
          Hotel Asset Management
          Research Methodology
          Project Management
          Market Research

          Semester 6 - A tailor-made specialization:

          During your final semester, you can choose three elective courses depending on your interest and career aspirations, so you can tailor make your skills sets depending on where you hope to go after graduation.

          The four-year focus of the academic pathway

          Immersion (Preparatory Year)
          Starting with an intensive immersion semester in hospitality operations, you will gain working knowledge of all areas of a hotel and restaurant, with the privilege of practicing in a Michelin-starred restaurant under the direction of industry-awarded chefs and instructors. Then, you complete the first, operational internship in the hospitality industry.

          In the first year of the BSC (after Preparatory Year), you will begin setting the foundation for your management career, learning the tools of the hospitality trade and the technology and terminology of the industry for key hospitality departments and functions.

          In the second year, you will take a challenging academic approach to hospitality management theory guided by advanced academic practitioners, applying research to generate robust business and entrepreneurship plans. The academic semester is followed by a management internship, during which you take on a supervisory role or  you can even be an intern in your own hospitality start-up company.

          In the final year, you will apply the knowledge and skills you have gained to become a business strategist and consultant. You will have the chance to choose from our industry-designed electives and tailor make your areas of expertise.  You will also become a consultant, working in a group to solve a real-world business challenge for an industry partner.


            The Academic Pathway is also available in Singapore!

            By choosing to study at EHL in Singapore, you will be immersed in Asian culture but in English language as you follow EHL’s Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management. Candidates can apply to start their Preparatory Year at the EHL Campus Lausanne in September 2020 and then begin their Bachelor course as the first cohort at EHL Campus (Singapore) in the fall of 2021.

            Course structure: 4 Years, in 8 semesters:


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            EHL Singapore Program Flow 3

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