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Ms Marion Gétaz receives EHL Honorary President Award

Congratulations to Ms Marion Gétaz, who received the EHL Honorary President Award during the Welcome Ceremony on 10 September.

Ms Gétaz, who served as President of the Board from 1994 to 1999, received the award for her commitment, service and contribution to the School. It was during her tenure that the School opened its famous practical learning restaurant and that EHL obtained its American accreditation - NEASC. It was also during her presidency that the School officially started its affiliation with the HES-SO University of Applied Sciences. Ms Gétaz’s courage and vision led to the acquisition of the Vert-Bois plot, allowing us to boast one of the most beautiful campuses in Switzerland.

During the Welcome Ceremony, current President of the Board, Mr. André Witschi had the privilege of presenting the award to Ms Gétaz, honoring her legacy.