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Ms Audrey Gellet

Having grown up in a family of food lovers from Burgundy, I decided, at the age of 20, to terminate my History studies to get into pastry making, which had interested me for a long time. After earning an associate’s degree in the culinary arts I was lucky enough to work at Maison Pic*** under the guidance of Philippe Rigollot (2005 World Champion and Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2007). After alternating stints in the Valence and Lausanne restaurants, I gradually climbed the ladder before becoming PIC group’s head of pastry making (Restaurant *** in Valence and ** in Lausanne, bistro, boutique, hotel) after the departure of my mentor.  

In 2012, after 5 years working for Anne-Sophie Pic, I decided to take on a different challenge, which is how I landed at EHL. I started in the pastry department of Berceau des Sens, EHL’s gourmet restaurant, and then in September 2014, I switched to the Practice Pastry section as a lecturer. 

In addition to working in restaurants, I have enjoyed preparing for competitions including the French national dessert championships, the International Confectionery Art Competition and the TV program broadcast on France 2 called “Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier?” [Who will be the next big pastry chef?], which I won in 2013.  I am glad to be member of the Jury in 2018.

Ms Audrey Gellet

Senior Lecturer

  • Culinary Arts
Audrey Gellet
  • Winner of the “Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier?” competition aired on France 2, 2013
  • Runner-up at the International Confectionery Art Competition, 2010
  • Winner of the plated dessert competition organized by “Sensibilité gourmande”, a pastry non-profit organization, 2008
  • Runner-up at the French junior national championships (plated desserts)