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Mr Petar Zivkovic

Mr Zivkovic is a Senior Lecturer of Statistics at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne since 2011. He received his BSc and MSc from HEC Lausanne in 2008. He is a former athlete with several years of professional experience as a trainer, where he discovered his passion for teaching. At EHL, he worked for three years on data analysis before he started teaching. He has taught courses like Management Information System Tools, Mathematics and Advanced Decision Making.

As the world becomes more quantitative and data-focused, by providing the tools that can be used to break down and analyse large quantities of data, Mr. Zivkovic is interested in helping the leaders of tomorrow embrace evidence-based decision making to develop solutions that help businesses and organizations operate more efficiently.

Mr Petar Zivkovic

Senior Lecturer

Master of Science in Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship, HEC Lausanne
  • Data analysis
  • Quantitative methods
  • Technology evolution
  • Business model development and commercialization