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Webinar Calendar

You are interested in business and hospitality industry and want to learn more? Join us at one of our webinar below:

    Every Monday

    RISE 2020

    Join us every Monday (12:00 GMT, 14:00 Switzerland, 20:00 Hong Kong, 08:00 New York).

    New live web show where Professor Demian Hodari and Anita Mendiratta, together with an array of industry leaders, university professors and current students, discuss the current Covid-19 crisis’ impact on, and implications for, travel, tourism and hospitality students, recent graduates and other job seekers.


      30 September 2020

      Industry Webinar: What's Your Brand?

      "You never have a second chance to build a first impression" - In this fast-paced, highly social and interconnected world, how are your perceived? What's your personal brand? How do you develop self-awareness? How do you build an executive presence? Join us in conversation with consultant, coach and speaker Chloé Oestreich as she shares from her experience coaching senior executives across different industries.