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Master in Wine Management & Hospitality

Delivered jointly with Kedge Business School, the Master of Science in Wine & Hospitality Management will develop your strategic expertise for two fast-growing industries and add a layer of refinement and innovation to your career prospects.

Why a Master’s Degree in Wine Management and Hospitality?

Wine management skills are in high demand in restaurants and hotels, while hospitality management skills are highly sought after in a variety of service businesses. This degree develops skills for both of these exciting sectors to give you maximum value for your future career.

First, you will learn the fundamentals of wine production and retail from leading industry professionals in the world’s most famous wine-producing country: France. At the same time, you will learn how to manage restaurant and hospitality operations and wine businesses. Finally, you will deepen your knowledge around leadership and value creation for both industries. A series of online courses will complement your learning throughout the program.


    Master's Students working together

    Endorsed by Jean-François Piège

    Jean-François Piège is a French Chef, 2-Michelin stars

    “To stay competitive in our industry, our leaders need to understand market requirements, the challenges we face, and the importance of synergy and vertical integration with other business areas and/or industries.
    By strengthening the links between the wine, restaurant and hotel industries, the Master of Science in Wine & Hospitality Management meets this need to train our expert, strategically-thinking leaders, so that they may understand these challenges and find innovative, holistic solutions for overcoming them.
    I believe that, with this program, students will be able to gain strategic knowledge of the Wine & Hospitality business that they won’t find anywhere else”.

    © Photo James Bort

      Jean-François Piège - photo crédit @JamesBort - Master of Science in Wine & Hospitality Management

      Courses Outline (subject to change)

      Foundations in wine & hospitality

      • Wine culture
      • The economics of Hotels, Restaurants and Wine
      • Sommellerie & cellar

      Excellence in wine & hospitality

      • Sommellerie & cellar management
      • Current trends in the hospitality industry
      • Wine market & business
      • Finance for hospitality leaders

      Leading management practices in wine & hospitality

      • Strategic marketing in wine & hospitality
      • Valuation & investment decisions
      • Revenue management and asset management

      Creating value in wine & hospitality

      • Entrepreneurship & event management
      • Project & business management

      Student trips and field visits

      Major wine regions, restaurants and hotels across France, Switzerland, and Italy.

      Internship & Capstone

      6-month internship
      Captsone Project (research project conducted with the support of an academic supervisor)

      Key facts

      Title: Master of Science in Wine & Hospitality Management

      Language: English

      Duration: 16 months (2 academic semesters + 6 month internship)

      Delivery format: On-site & online

      Location: Paris (main location), Bordeaux, Lausanne

        Master's Students in oenology course

        Endorsed by Philippe Faure-Brac

        Philippe Faure-Brac was named Best Sommelier in the World in 1992 and is currently President of the French Sommelier Association.

        “We don’t drink to forget: we taste to remember. In both hospitality and wine, sharing and conviviality is everything. It is vital that these industries come together to produce an excellent training program, so that we may continue to offer people unforgettable experiences. Kedge Business School’s partnership with the EHL is helping to achieve this, and create the synergies we need if we are to continue offering a quality of service that will allow us to convey our expertise, and our passion for living life well.”

          Philippe Faure-Brac photo_anvers - Master of Science in Wine & Hospitality Management

          About KEDGE Business School

          KEDGE Business School is a Triple Accredited (AACSB, EQUIS AND AMBA) French business school located in Marseille, Bordeaux, Toulon and Paris plus two campuses in China (Shanghai and Suzhou). The School is a merger between two business schools: BEM (ESC Bordeaux, founded in 1874) and Euromed (ESC Marseille, founded in 1872). Following the merger, Kedge is one of the largest business school in France.


            KEDGE Business School

            To apply to the Master in Wine and Hospitality Management, you will need to prepare the following documents:

            • Academic records & CV
            • Scanned copy of your passport
            • Highest degree certification
            • Certificate of achievement or transcript of your current studies
            • TOEIC 800 / IELTS 7 / IBT 100

            Please note that enquires and applications are handled by Kedge.