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How to keep a Michelin star with the world’s highest staff turnover

Lausanne, February 28, 2020. EHL’s distinguished educational restaurant, Le Berceau des Sens, holds onto its Michelin star for the second year running. A remarkable feat for an establishment whose operational teams of students change every week.

The tradition of culinary distinction continues to reign at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. The school is proud to announce that its unique in-house training gastronomic restaurant is again the recipient of the much sought-after award thanks to the efforts of Chef Cédric Bourassin and his first-class team.

Chef Bourassin expresses himself following the award ceremony held in Lugano, Switzerland: “I actually think we’ve improved a lot since the star was first awarded. I put in place a new kitchen hierarchy which means that all the roles are very clearly defined and the organization runs extremely smoothly. No dish leaves the kitchen without being checked by me or one of my sous-chefs – not just for its correct assembly, but also to decide the order in which the dishes are served. In Japan I worked in a restaurant that had three Michelin stars and no detail was ever overlooked.”

The BDS is a training restaurant in which EHL preparatory year students learn and work at five different functions: meat, fish, pastry, cold dishes and hot dishes. Every Monday the teams of students change, which implies a constant rotation that Chef Bourassin must face in order to maintain an uninterrupted and impeccable quality throughout the academic year.


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