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The Innovation Village

The Innovation Village

The Innovation village opens-up beyond the EHL community and develops a unique hospitality and food ecosystem for students, alumni, entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, investors, artists and passersby…

A casual place with its own DNA located in a 4’000 m2 historical hamlet at a short distance from the EHL Lausanne campus.

What exactly can you find there?

  • Business incubator
  • Events’ and exhibition space
  • EHL Groups’ Comex and International consulting
  • Innovative Auberge
  • A 400m2 Foodlab

The innovation village whose 2 core missions are to:

  • Support entrepreneurship
  • Inspire & disrupt the food & hospitality industry

    EHL Innovation Hub for businesses and activities

    How the Innovation Village can help you ?

    EHL student:

    • Do your internship in your own start-up or in an Innovation village start-up
    • Organize events in the village if it serves the community


    • Is your project a potential game changer for our industry? We look forward to hearing more about it


    • You want to support promising start-ups in digital food or hospitality services?
    • Be a strategic partner of the EHL innovation village
    • Test innovative concepts
    • Conduct research on Food or hospitality
    • Have access to EHL international expertise
    • Attract student or alumni talents


    • You want to share your expertise with our community through workshops or services.


    • Reconnect with EHL today through business opportunities at the innovation village.
    • We look forward to including you in our community


      Hospitality insights blog

      The Hospitality Business Incubator

      IOT, block chain, gaming, computer vision, smart data, 3D printing, 5G, AI, personalized nutrition, sustainability, robotics, material science… are changing the world we live-in and impacting our industry.

      EHL's Business Incubator supports promising startups or entrepreneurial projects that focus on or are relevant to the food and, or hospitality industry.

      Join one of the innovation village model:

      • Resident at the incubator
      • Visitor of the incubator
      • Community member

      Start a project
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        Innovation Model

          Incubator Model

          Incubator model



            "If your start-up is connected to the world of hospitality, you’d be a fool not to team up with EHL.
            Jonathan Voumard, CEO of myExtras.ch

            “At 3BaysOver, succeeding in the global tourism industry will mean making use of all industry contacts and networks we can have access to. Working in EHL's startup incubator gives us unique access to some of the best and most connected minds in the business.” 
            Andy Ryan, CEO of 3BaysOver

              Start-ups and entrepreneurs


              Beelong is an indicator used to measure the environmental impact of an ingredient, a dish, or an entire restaurant. The indicator aims to reduce the impact of foodstuffs on the environment by providing practical solutions for the restaurant industry.

              “EHL is a cornerstone for tomorrow's hospitality industry and it's therefore a real opportunity for a young company to grow within the incubator. Beelong benefits from EHL’s extensive network and valuable support. We also have the opportunity to implement our indicator in the F&B outlets on-site – we couldn’t be any closer to those impacted by our tool!” 
              Charlotte de la Beaume  & Mathias Faigaux, Managing Partners of Beelong


              Brosky Media

              Brosky Media is a b2b photo and video production company.  From conception to production to delivering across all channels and media consulting, we support our clients to develop content aligned with their strategies.

              “The business incubator helps us staying connected with the EHL network while exploring and finding new partners within hospitality but also across other industries.” Florian Dahm, Managing Partner of BroskyMedia


              EHL n.1 worldwide


              Mixfit is a digital health company that designs nutritional experiences to encourage lasting, positive changes in health behavior.

              Their belief that the path towards a better, healthier, and longer life starts with nutrition drives everything they do.

              They leverage nutrition science, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and digital health technologies in developing their health data platform and smart counter-top nutrient delivery appliance to provide consumers with personalized nutritional drinks & deliver wellness-related insight based on their unique health data.



              PrivateDeal is a new generation of booking engine for independent hotels. The platform allows clients to bid their own price for the room of their choice. The objective of PrivateDeal is to unleash direct booking and increase hotels’ occupancy rate while giving the client the freedom to give their own price.

              “The incubator gives us the opportunity to expand our network, find faithful partners, participate to key events and benefit from the support of hospitality professionals. It is a strategic point for us in the success of our startup.” Lucien Mauguin, co-founder of PrivateDeal SA



              Socialease is the first digital assistant designed to support hotels, restaurants  in the daily management of their social media and e-reputation plateforms. Thanks to Socialease, every business owner can easily interact online with its users, and communicate the right way, on the right medias.

              "By being domiciled at the incubator, Socialease benefits from the environment, the image and the support of the EHL. This is an undeniable added value for all aspects of the development of our Startup" Laurent THEVIN, CEO