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EHL Group revamps its Junior Academy for a unique family experience

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, March 13, 2019 - EHL Group has drawn from its past experience to rethink the journey it offers high school students to discover the hospitality industry. With courses and activities animated by some of the world’s top professionals, the new EHL Junior Academy offers an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look into the worlds of 5-star hotels, fine dining and business management.

Junior Program for Future Hospitality Leaders
The program devised for the aspiring hospitality students, or those still  wondering if hospitality management is made for them, offers a hands-on look into the hospitality business and a chance to explore the latest trends in luxury hospitality and culinary arts. The highly experienced faculty members will introduce the concepts of hospitality service excellence and restaurant management, for a first look at some of the main business concepts. As is customary at EHL, students will have the opportunity to meet people from around the world and sharpen their cultural awareness, creating friendships based on shared values and interests.

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