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Coronavirus: latest update on precautionary measures at EHL

EHL has been closely monitoring the situation of the Coronavirus and is taking the necessary measures recommended by the Swiss health authorities. Furthermore, EHL is implementing a number of additional special measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the entire EHL Community.

A dedicated task force is meeting 2 to 3 times a week to review the situation and is collaborating with International SOS, other Swiss universities and the Swiss health authorities to ensure quality preparedness, communication, as well as the appropriate identification and response procedures, should a case be identified. The recommendations from the relevant health authorities remain the same following the first case of coronavirus identified in Switzerland. However, we are monitoring the evolution closely and are prepared to act quickly if the situation should change.

A representative of the Cantonal Medical Office has visited the EHL Lausanne Campus and presented an update on the current situation and their specific recommendations. Home quarantine of Chinese nationals or other persons who have traveled to China is discouraged by the Cantonal Medical Office, which strongly advises against this measure, and does not support it. A quarantine plan has been prepared by the task force and validated by the Cantonal Medical Office should a case be identified or the need arise.

Signage has been posted around campus to inform people on how to protect themselves and others. A dedicated intranet page provides regular updates to students and staff, and all relevant local and international contacts.

EHL has strengthened its prevention measures by providing protective masks and additional hand sanitizers in public areas on campus. All guests visiting on campus may request a mask at reception.

Considering how international our community is, all arriving students are being informed of the risks and symptoms to look out for. They have also been requested to provide information on any recent travel to Mainland China to ensure that the EHL Medical Services Team can support them with additional information on precautionary measures they may take. The EHL medical team has been reinforced to ensure that all questions or concerns can be addressed efficiently.

EHL has been in regular contact with all students originating from China, currently in China, or due to travel to China for internships, to review their personal situations and ensure that precautions are taken. Furthermore, all new students have received masks, hand sanitizers and information on the recommended measures to protect themselves and others.

Staff travel to the region has also been restricted and home office has been implemented for colleagues based in China.