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Webinar Calendar

You are interested in business and hospitality industry and want to learn more? Join us at one of our webinar below:

    Every Monday

    RISE 2020

    Join us every Monday (12:00 GMT, 14:00 Switzerland, 20:00 Hong Kong, 08:00 New York).

    New live web show where Professor Demian Hodari and Anita Mendiratta, together with an array of industry leaders, university professors and current students, discuss the current Covid-19 crisis’ impact on, and implications for, travel, tourism and hospitality students, recent graduates and other job seekers.


      29 July 2020

      Industry Webinar: The Future of Work

      What is the Future of Work post-COVID-19? How can the hospitality industry evolve to adapt to the new operating environment, being such a high-touch and experience-driven business?

        5 August 2020

        Industry Webinar: Hotel Development - Behind the Scenes!

        With a plethora of brands on offer by hotel management companies of all sizes, how is a key location and prime asset secured? Where are the bright spots where hotel development is still happening despite today's uncertain economic climate? What is a career in hotel consultancy, development and investment like?

          12 August 2020

          Industry Webinar: The New Social Club

          Soho Houses globally, The Core Club in New York and Milan, 1880 and Straits Clan in Singapore - The (pre-COVID) proliferation of private members' clubs had seemed unstoppable as the new status must-have. Enter Crane, "a community for lifelong learning, and a social space where likeminded individuals gather for fitness, workshops, lifestyle events and co-working". Tune in to hear from CEO and Co-Founder Federico Folcia (also of Roomorama fame!) as we speak about Crane, the private members' club landscape and his entrepreneurial journey thus far. Federico Folcia is the CEO and founder of Crane, a social space and community for lifelong learning based in Singapore.

            19 August 2020

            Industry Webinar: Wellness with Aman

            Wellness is defined as "the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health" by the Global Wellness Institute. Do the current wellness offerings by hotel brands, even those purported to have wellness as their raison d'être, resonate as such?

              26 August 2020

              Industry Webinar: Post Pandemic Hospitality Trends and Economics in China

              While the number of COVID-19 cases is still growing globally, some regions are already anticipating and preparing for an economic rebound. How did COVID-19 impact the economy and the hospitality industry? What will post-COVID-19 recovery in hospitality and tourism look like? What's the future outlook for the hospitality industry in China?