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EHL awards winners of the 2017 Nestlé R&D Challenge

The challenge? Nine teams of students are asked to create innovative recipes in three product categories: Drink, Main Meal Vegan and Dessert.

This year’s task was to introduce the newly developed “micronized spices”. Gained by grounding fresh spices to a powder and mixing it with vegetable oil, these ingredients enhance the release of flavor and aroma compounds when a meal is consumed, and play an important nutritional role as well.

We are thrilled to work together with Nestlé for the 3rd time. Forward-thinking and rooted in Swiss values, Nestlé shares our belief that fostering EHL students’ innovative spirit can bring tremendous value to the company.

Nestlé’s R&D department counted on EHL students’ culinary expertise to come up with creative solutions and inspire new products. The contestants were given a free hand, the only restrictions being the portion size and the usage of micronized Turmeric and Rosemary. After careful planning and development, the teams proved their ingenuity on site, by preparing their creations in EHL’s very own R&D kitchens. A jury composed of MOFs (Meilleur Ouvrier de France), EHL staff and Nestlé Research experts, then tasted and evaluated all drinks and dishes. The winners were awarded CHF 1’000 during the Award Ceremony at EHL on November 9th.

The wide diversity of delicious results showcased the great potential of micronized spices. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s “Nestlé R&D Challenge” and thank you to all participants for showing great dedication and out-of-the-box thinking.


Winners of the 2017 Nestlé R&D Challenge

1st place, kitchen management 
Team 6:Ramesh Eashwar, Ringier Samuel

1st place, drinks
Team 6: Ramesh Eashwar, Ringier Samuel

"Emulsion de basilic romarin et son émulsion fraise cumin"

1st place, vegan main course
Team 7: Mathieu Benjamin, Wuarchoz Florian, Régis Louis

"Salade de lentille mangue avocat"

1st place, desserts
Team 3: Menu Aline, Jost Gwendolyn, Tareava Milana

"Tiramisu à la framboise"

2nd place overall
Team 6: Ramesh Eashwar, Ringier Samuel

1st place overall
Team 2: Hornung David, Diouf Aimé, Junod Nicolas

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