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EHL Foundation for Scholarships and Honorary Loans

Financial Aid for EHL Students: Application Guidelines

Are you facing financial difficulties while pursuing your studies? You may be able to benefit from financial assistance. See below how you can apply.

Please address your application documents to the "Fondation des bourses et prêts d'honneur EHL". Your document should include all of the points enumerated below and be presented in the same order.

You also need to fill out the Student Budget Excel spreadsheet in its entirety and include it with your application documents, along with any other requested documents as detailed below. You should submit your full application in one PDF document by email to scholarship@ehl.ch

  • Cover letter
  • CV with photo
  • Student budget excel sheet and Family revenue excel sheet
  • Last available income tax certificates of sponsors and yours (if applicable)
  • Copy of all sponsors and students bank statements for the last 3 months (balance only, no transaction details)
  • 3 last salary slips of sponsors and yours (if applicable)
  • All your EHL grade transcripts or transcripts from your last school
  • 2 reference letters (1 internal if applicable and 1 external)

We only get one chance to make a first impression. The quality of your application will be the first criteria in the decision of the scholarship committee. That’s the reason why we will only consider complete applications. Your complete application will be forwarded to the members of the scholarship committee. We will come back to you with their decision as soon as possible. Please note that the decision of the committee will not be motivated.

If you’re facing difficulties or if you need help in the application process, please contact: scholarship@ehl.ch  The related rules and regulations can be found on the repository.

In order to allow the processing of future applications, as from next semester, the deadlines for the submission of your application are set as follows: 

  • 30 October for the start of the February school year 
  • 30 May for the start of the September school year

Student Budget & Family Revenue Excel Sheets
    The Hans Wilsdorf Foundation

    Students living in Geneva can apply for financial assistance from the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation via this link.
    If you have any questions, please send an email to scholarship@ehl.ch