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Why Choose EHL?

Build a Balanced Foundation in Hospitality Management

As the first Swiss Hospitality Management school, we developed the methods that have made hotel schools so famous and our graduates so employable.

Our programs will allow you to:

  • Work your way up in practical courses, learning to run hotel and restaurant operations.
  • Build management skills with internships and in management courses.
  • Develop leadership qualities and soft skills to become an effective manager through real-life situations and team assignments.
  • Prove yourself in the real world as you work with top companies on real business projects.

Discover our Programs
    EHL helps build balanced foundation in Hospitality Management

    Study in the Best Hospitality Management School in the World

    In the global hospitality industry, EHL is continually recognized by industry leaders as the best hospitality school in the world. The EHL name is trusted and appreciated among industry professionals for academic quality and professionalism, as seen through our graduates and applied research and consulting services that are shaping the future of the industry.

    Awards and Rankings
      Why choose EHL the best school

      Get an internationally accredited degree

      EHL is the only Hospitality Management school in Switzerland to be recognized as a Swiss University of Applied Sciences and Arts and have American (NECHE) accreditation. Our degrees comply with the Bologna requirements using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). This accreditation ensures that your degree will be recognized by companies, institutions and government bodies worldwide.


        Become a graduate who achieves

        Our degree programs are known for instilling the right mix of industry know-how, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. That is why 96% of our graduates find relevant employment shortly after graduation and a large majority of our alumni are in a senior management position or higher role. Many EHL graduates also go on to start businesses in new, fast-growing areas of the hospitality industry

          World Savvy

          Become a citizen of the world

          Life at EHL is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and introduce you to new cultures and ways of thinking. In class, in sports, in extracurricular groups and on excursions, you will gain new perspectives from your classmates and learn to understand cultures from around the world.

          Life at EHL

            Join our Legacy: the First Swiss Hotel School

            As the first Swiss hotel school, we have more than a hundred years of experience in hospitality education and a reputation for excellence throughout the industry. As an EHL student, you will benefit from this strong background and recognition as you seek internships, employment and business development opportunities in the global industry. You will also have the support of EHL’s alumni network, the largest and most active professional network in the world of hospitality.

              First EHL diploma