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Awards & Rankings

EHL is consistently recognized by the Industry as one of the best hospitality management schools in the world. Students, faculty and alumni are the best ambassadors of EHL's values and commitment to excellence.

Global Recognition

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    Previous Awards

      Individual Awards

      • Practitioner Research Award from The American Real Estate Society (2019) for his paper titled "Sentiments and Commercial Loans" (co-author: Dr Julia Freybote, Portland State University): Dr Prashant Das
      • Best paper award at the International Hospitality Research (AIHR), Leeuwarden, The Netherlands (2019) with his article entitled ‘Symbolic Understanding of the Milk in Swiss Gastronomy’: Dr Peter Varga
      • Best paper award at the West CHRIE conference, Sonoma, USA (2019) with her article entitled “Love the neighbor? Agglomeration effect on home- sharing business”: Cindy Heo
      • Best paper award at the 7th International Tourism Studies Association (ITSA) Biennial Conference and the 2nd Tourism Educators South Africa (TESA) International Conference (2018) with his article entitled "Litter distribution on the UK's beaches: A decomposition of the Gini coefficient":  Dr Yong Chen
      • Best Sommelier of Italy, Italian Sommelier Association, 2018: Davide Dargenio
      • Best Developmental Paper Award, British Academy of Management’s (BAM) Research Methodology Special Interest Group (RM SIG), 2018: Dr. Marc Stierand
      • Best Paper, ARES Manuscript Prize Award, American Real Estate Society, 2018: Dr. Prashant Das
      • Best Paper Award 2018, The Types and Motivation of Social Network Users: A Qualitative Study of Young Adults: Dr. Jamil Hebali
      • EHLs Le Bistro, first educational institution in the world to be certified by le Collège Culinaire de France, 2018
      • World Record for the creation of the largest "Paté-en-Croute" in the world, Romain Pellet, Damien Vancauwenberghe, Christian Ségui et Fabien Pairon, 2016
      • Best Paper Award 2017, Consumer Behavior in Tourism Symposium: Dr Y. Chen
      • Practitioner Research AwardAmerican Real Estate Society, 2016: Dr. Prashant Das
      • Winner of the International Catering Cup & titled "World's Best Caterer"Sirha Salon in Lyon 2017: D. Alessandria, J. Gradoz and C. Ségui
      • Prosper Montagné Culinary Prize,Club Gastronomique Prosper Montagné, 2016:D. Alessandria
      • Best Paper Award 2015WHTER & ICES: Dr C. Heo
      • 6 Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF), working as Senior Lecturers

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