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EHL Learning Network

Based on 125 years of experience in training hospitality professionals, EHL provides guidance and support to other hospitality or hotel management schools and helps them reach a level of quality that matches EHL's standards. Through our consulting entity, Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC), we have developed a network of certified schools through which we transfer knowledge of international hospitality industry standards and trends, management education methods and the latest learning technology with the vision of sharing the Swiss hospitality excellence around the world. 

    Worldwide School Network

    EHL offers support for hotel management schools worldwide. Thanks to years of experience in launching and developing educational centers, the EHL certification recognizes the best institutions in their categories. These institutions work hand-in-hand with the local industry and show a strong commitment to hospitality education, while students enjoy a higher curriculum quality, personalized infrastructures and opportunities to visit other EHL-certified schools.

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      EHL Learning worldwide network
      Academic Collaboration and School Certifications

      The following schools have achieved EHL certification by demonstrating a high level of commitment towards hospitality education and strong partnerships within their local industry. These schools enter into the program ensuring periodic reviews, quality improvement and faculty training to maintain the certification. Faculty and management of each school undergo our Qualified Learning Facilitator’s training program, designed to transfer the art and science of facilitating learning. Students from the certified institutions benefit from a bench marked curriculum, appropriate campus facilities, and transfer/exchange opportunities within the network of certified schools.

      * In academic collaboration with EHL