The Career Capstone Project

The Capstone Project of the Executive MBA in Hospitality Administration is an opportunity for students to strengthen their Master degree by addressing a practical, real world challenge using the skills and knowledge they have gained throughout their programme of study, mentored by both industry professionals and academics.

Working directly with executives, Executive MBA candidates delve deeper into a subject of their interest. The Capstone Project is designed in a way that allows each candidate to dedicate a significant amount of individual time to an area important for achieving his or her goals following graduation. EHL faculty members work with candidates to design and complete projects, bringing world-class academic knowledge to bear on important business problems.


Capstone projects cover all areas of hospitality including lodging, food & beverage preparation and service, transportation, real estate development, and so on, addressing a wide range of business problems:

  • Should we combine and centralize these operations that we have at three hotels in a particular city?
  • What Action might we take to improve employee retention in this hard-to-recruit area?
  • If we took these actions in our low-demand season, would we generate more or less revenue?
  • Would it be feasible for us to re-develop this existing property into a...?


Executive MBA candidates dedicate approximately 330 hours to this project. Faculty member, student and sponsor company coach/trainer, form an expert trio to address an issue, optimize a department, or create and develop a new project with a company. As a result, an analytical report based on both academic research and real world facts will be written and presented by the student.

Past projects have taken the following form:

  • Feasibility study
  • Hotel valuation
  • Market audit
  • Market research
  • Business development project
  • Entrepreneurial project
  • Competitive audit
  • Environmental scanning report
  • Benchmark-style report
  • Operational implementation project