Grants and funding

LHR research projects are funded through a variety of government and public grants and subsidies as well as through industry contributions to research activities and projects. The extent of this funding is in itself a recognition and guarantee of the quality of the research carried out at EHL.

Government and scientific funding

Most funding for EHL's Research Department comes from government and public sources. The major contributor is the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, through its Strategic Fund.

Other sources of funding are the Commission for Technology and Innovation, the National Fund for Scientific Research and the Federal Departement for Professional Education and Technology.

Industry participation

All research projects funded by the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland (HES-SO) or the Commission for Technology and Innovation are obliged to include financial partners as a condition for their funding.

As their costs are covered, industry partners contribute to these projects essentially by donating time and supplying information.


Industry sponsoring

In addition to contributing to publicly-funded research projects, hospitality enterprises and hotel chains increasingly participate in other EHL's Research Department projects.

They donate expertise and time as well as the opportunity to use their enterprises as a laboratory for research purposes. In some cases they also provide financial support.

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