Philosophy of learning

“Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.”

EHL's careful balance of art and science, rigour and creativity, knowledge and imagination, prepares students to be future industry leaders.

It lays the foundation for lifelong learning as the basis for a successful career and for personal fulfilment.

Art and science in hospitality education
Hospitality is different from other businesses, and hospitality management is different from management in other fields. It calls for a wide range of competencies and unusual qualities.
  Hospitality know-how: direct from the industry
EHL was founded by the industry, for the industry. What is studied at EHL, and the way it is studied, has always been closely linked to industry needs, hotel management courses are regularly updated to correspond to new trends and needs.
Theory and practice: the hospitality mix
The Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne has always been known for its intertwined mix of theory and practice. But students do not just learn theory and then apply it in practice. Often it's the other way round. Hotel education is different because it means that students first learn through doing. Then they gradually construct a sound theoretical framework through reading, research, and the reflective process of the classroom.
EHL’s mission is to form the future leaders of the hospitality industry. But you can lead only if you can convince others that you are making the right decisions. Decisions that look right on paper won't work if your team is not motivated to implement them - especially in the hospitality industry where teamwork is even more essential than in other industries. Persuading other people and bringing them on board is essential to hospitality leadership.
Teamwork in hospitality
Teamwork is important in itself and is also the best way to develop the specific leadership qualities needed for the hospitality industry. At EHL we are so convinced of the value of group work that student teams are coached and guided in how to work successfully together.
  Learning the hospitality way
At EHL we emphasize the importance of learning how to learn. Students are helped to evaluate what they are learning with a critical eye, to know when and where to seek additional information, to adapt their knowledge to different circumstances and to supplement it with multiple sources that can provide insight for wise decisions.
Teaching hospitality
EHL hotel management programmes are designed to encourage exploration and discovery by each individual student. We believe that active learning results in better understanding and assimilation of knowledge than passive learning in a lecture theatre.
  Career development for hotel and tourism management
A Professional Development Stream runs through all the programmes and is closely intertwined with hospitality courses. It brings together formal and informal learning, and helps students to take an active, responsible role both in their professional and in their personal life.
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