You should be able to prove that you have followed a rigorous course of study, as demonstrated by your transcript, with strong scores in English, Mathematics and Sciences and 3 years (recommended) of foreign language classes.

In addition to the high school diploma itself, you should submit evidence of higher achievement. You will be required to take three advanced-level courses as part of your curriculum, one of which - at minimum - should be a quantitative or scientific subject. Advanced or higher-level courses may include AP examinations, International Baccalaureate HL certificates, or SAT subject tests. We will take into account GPA and class rank when available.

Satisfactory SAT 1 scores are required as a reference, i.e. at least 500 in both the math and verbal/critical reading sections. For non-native speakers, an excellent TOEFL score may be presented in lieu of the verbal/critical reading section.

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