In your opinion, was it easy for your son to adjust to life at EHL (and in Switzerland, if you live abroad)?
Our son adjusted very well to his university life at EHL. He has enjoyed and greatly benefitted from the cross-cultural immersion as EHL has so many students of different nationalities and cultures.

Did your son enjoy his studies? Was he happy with the teaching and his professors?
Yes, our son enjoyed his studies very much, especially the practical hands-on work in the kitchen, the art of presentation at the dining table, serving dining customers at the table, and also team work on projects as part of his course curriculum. His practical work at hotels has given him a lot of confidence to work in international environments. Similarly, the different types of jobs he has carried out during his vacations - especially for the F&B catering services at international convention/trade exhibition venues and wedding hotel/resort banquets - have provided him with good experiences of different clientele and functions, and an overall all-round education in the service industry.
Yes, he is very happy with the high standard of teaching given by his EHL lecturers and the amount of personal freedom to explore course projects, as well as learning opportunites such as acquiring skills in making project presentations.

Would you recommend EHL to other undergraduate students?
Yes, we would advise students to apply to EHL for a well-rounded good education that prepares them well for work in the diversified service industry of a modern society.

In your opinion, what did your son find different at EHL compared to his previous experiences?
Our son had more freedom to explore his curiosity and flexibility in acquiring knowledge, expressing & articulating his views and being exposed to experiential learning at EHL. This process of learning had not been possible in the highly structured and directive form of education he had been exposed to in his 12 years of schooling prior to his entry into the EHL education system.

What changes have you seen in your son since he started at EHL? 
Our son strives to get a job done well and is not being afraid of “going the extra mile “ when planning and carrying out the necessary actions to achieve an objective. He has acquired leadership skills for team work, and he is not afraid to “roll up his sleeves “ to undertake a challenging task directly and take ownership/responsibility of tasks assigned to him. Our son has an extrovert personality and the EHL education has enabled him to grow and cultivate at his own pace an extrovert personality with maturity of inter-personal relationships.  

Are you confident about your son's career prospects, considering his choice of studies?
Yes, we are very confident that the EHL education has well-equipped him with an all rounded skill base to explore & develop his professional career and knowledge in whatever pathway he wishes to do. 

Would you like to share any additional thoughts or advice with the parents of EHL applicants?
Our advice to the parents of EHL applicants would be the following: Always keep in regular contact with your son/daughter as he/she immerses herself into his/her new student life journey of self-discovery in the EHL learning environment. Keeping in touch allows parents to share the fun and learning experiences enjoy with our son or daughter “online" as he/she makes his/her interesting journey as a student at EHL. We see them enjoying his/her new “global life perspectives” as he/she gets to know and explore interpersonal interactions with a global community of students at EHL. As parents, our life is also enriched as we enjoy our son/daughter’s narratives of his/her life experiences at EHL via regular internet visual chit chats with him/her. Internet technology has enabled us as parents to observe and feel the growth of our son/daughter’s developing maturity into adulthood at EHL.


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