In your opinion, was it easy for your son to adjust to life at EHL (and in Switzerland, if you live abroad)?
Chalana (my son) had previously been exposed to an international school environment during his entire schooling. I therefore believe he found the integration less challenging and somewhat smooth. Also, he had already travelled to Europe and had some familiarity with the way of life there.

Does your son enjoy his studies? Is he happy with the teaching and his professors?
I believe Chalana is very much happy with his program and enjoying his time at EHL. I have not heard any concerns about the teaching or with the quality of professors.

Would you recommend EHL to other undergraduate students?
If I know they have the financial capability, YES. It is not cheap and to maintain standards students incur additional expenses.

In your opinion, what did your son find different at EHL compared to his previous experiences?
The extremely international student body / mix of the school, and the sense of discipline and regimentation it instils, is not,  I believe, prevalent in most other high schools or colleges. The dress code itself is testimony to this.

What changes have you seen in your son since he started at EHL? 
Chalana now has an enhanced global outlook, greater appreciation and understanding of the service industry, more self-confidence, and a rounded "citizen of the world" personality.

Are you confident about your son's career prospects, considering his choice of studies?
YES - I strongly believe the exposure, networking and the personality development will all help his professional future.

Would you like to share any additional thoughts or advice with the parents of EHL applicants?
It is an expensive school no doubt, but I believe the product that is delivered from the school is truly global and broad-minded. You will not be disappointed.  


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