In your opinion, was it easy for your daughter to adjust to life at EHL (and Switzerland)?
Yes, it was easy as the EHL community is very multicultural. The students come from all over the world and are open-minded, used to different cultures, traveling and meeting new people.

Does your daughter enjoy her studies? Is she happy with the teaching and her professors?  
My daughter, Charlotte Guan, is very satisfied with the choice she made to study at EHL. She always says that EHL is a school of life.  

Would you recommend EHL to other undergraduate students?
Yes, EHL gives you the possibility to shape your personality. It not only teaches you great values but also quickly emerges you in an adult environment.

In your opinion, what did your daughter find different at EHL compared to her previous experiences?
What my daughter found different and very enriching was the possibility EHL gives you to follow academic classes but also to be very quickly immersed in the professional industry. It allows you to efficiently put what you are taught in class into practice. 

What changes have you seen in your daughter since she started at EHL? 
She gained confidence and is now more at ease speaking in front of a crowd. Furthermore, she not only knows how to behave in professional environment but also has a better understanding of what she wants.

Are you confident about your daughter's career prospects, considering her choice of studies?
Yes. Charlotte always says that EHL gives you good tools as a base, but that you also need to do your best to get to where you want to be.

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