In your opinion, was it easy for your daughter to adjust to life at EHL (and in Switzerland, if you live abroad)?
EHL is a world of its own which welcomes students from all around the world. It was somehow more difficult for our daughter to integrate at first, as she was a direct-entry student in BSC2; but as she was used to changing schools every 3 to 4 years since her childhood she quickly managed to find her place.
Did your daughter enjoy her studies? Was she happy with the teaching and her professors?
Our daughter was happy about her 2 years spent at EHL and said it was a very enriching experience overall. She acquired very useful knowledge in the various areas of hospitality and business management. She met some very inspiring teachers who motivated her to go the extra mile and left having made a very nice group of new friends.
Would you recommend EHL to other undergraduate students?
We would strongly advise young undergraduate students to apply to EHL if they wish to pursue a career in hospitality. EHL offers not only a strong professional education but also an access to a very valuable network.
In your opinion, what did your daughter find different at EHL compared to her previous experiences?
Before going to EHL, our daughter had already completed a 3-year diploma program at another Swiss hospitality school. She mentioned that the program at EHL is more rigorous and demanding. EHL’s reputation and network also represent a clear advantage.
What changes have you seen in your daughter since she started at EHL? 
We saw her grow into a beautiful charismatic person. She learned how important it is to be flexible. She became more self-confident and conscious about her new acquired knowledge.
Are you confident about your daughter's career prospects, considering her choice of studies?
Given the difficult times that her generation is facing when it comes to finding a job, we do believe that EHL provided her with something extra that can differentiate her from other individuals who wish to pursue a career in the same industry. EHL also provided her with the knowledge and skills needed to develop her own business one day.
Would you like to share any additional thoughts or advice with parents of EHL applicants?
Along with the mangement and teaching staff at EHL, we wish to thank the administrative team for their constant readiness to help and answer all the questions we parents had, before and during the time of our daughter's studies at Le Chalet-a-Gobet. Everybody will probably agree that, if you are far away, it is not possible for us parents to keep a constant grip on things and there are always many details which keep us preoccupied. We met people who were always more than understanding and wonderful. Thank you again to all of you!


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