Our teaching philosophy 

Over the last 120 years, we have developed an inspirational and innovative university-level teaching approach that produces top-notch managers for the international hospitality industry.   

The four pillars of our training program are: understanding how the industry works from the ground up, acquiring management skills, developing interpersonal skills and gaining hands-on experience.   

Students are encouraged to actively participate in every class and in every extra-curricular activity they attend. Thus they learn how to work within a multicultural team, to take on a leadership role and to quickly and effectively apply what they have learned. They are expected to carry out international internships and case studies, the purpose of which is to produce open-minded, pragmatic and creative professionals and have an influential impact on their future careers. Our graduates are highly sought-after by many employers and often quickly work their way into high-responsibility positions all over the world.  

Our faculty

We aim to strike the perfect balance between academic teaching and work experience, and between theory and practice.   

We constantly strive to achieve excellence by recruiting the very best professors from all over the world - many of whom have master's degrees or PhDs from prestigious universities - as well as executives from top-class hotels.  

Our faculty members are an inspiration to our students and are skilled at incorporating applied research into their classes. Many of them engage with their students in practical, industry-linked projects, thus forging close ties with the professional world.  

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