In your opinion, was it easy for your son to adjust to life at EHL (and in Switzerland, if you live abroad)?
From what I have seen, EHL does everything it can to make students feel at home straight away. The open days, which are very well organized, give them a chance to get to know their new environment before the school year begins. EHL operates a buddy system in which freshman students are assigned to older student mentors, who give them precious support and advice whenever they need it.  The possibility of living on campus also makes foreign students feel more secure and less homesick.
From day one through to graduation, the school's staff give students valuable help and support not only with their schoolwork, but also with paperwork and with any practical or health-related problems they may have.    

Is your son enjoying his studies? Is he happy with the teaching and his professors?
It was a real eye-opener for my son, both in terms of the course content and the teaching methods! The professors are the very best in their fields, but that doesn't stop them from being very approachable and close to their students. Their dedication to their job is remarkable.

Would you recommend EHL to other undergraduate students?
Definitely, but only to those who are really motivated and ready to commit themselves one hundred percent to their studies, because the work at EHL is really challenging!

In your opinion, what did your son find different at EHL compared to his previous experiences?
The quality of the facilities and equipment available to the students.
The “school spirit”: there seems to be a strong bond between the students, who are all united by the same passion.
It is very different to other universities where individualism, isolation and even rivalry between students are the norm.
The availability and kindness of the teachers.
A relaxed, cheerful atmosphere that is in perfect harmony with the high standards of discipline and excellence.

What changes have you seen in your son since he started at EHL? 
More self-confident and mature.
He believes in himself and his future.
His people skills are much better.

Are you confident about your son's career prospects, considering his choice of studies?


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