In your opinion, was it easy for your daughter to adjust to life at EHL (and in Switzerland, if you live abroad)?
My daughter is from Paris so there was no language barrier to deal with and she settled in very quickly. She worked in a hotel for several months before she started the preparatory year so she knew what to expect. As for the school itself, she enjoyed the cosmopolitan environment and the beautiful setting.

Is your daughter enjoying her studies? Is she happy with the teaching and with her professors?  
On the whole, she is very satisfied with the standard of teaching at the school. Of course, she likes some subjects more than others. She has a lot of admiration for some of her teachers, especially those who know how to connect with their students. She really enjoys their courses.

Would you recommend EHL to other undergraduate students?
Yes of course, Nina has really blossomed at EHL.

In your opinion, what did your daughter find different at EHL compared to her previous experiences?
Everything is different! The country, the presence of students from all over the world, the setting, the independence and the responsibility of student life compared with high school, the working methods, the wide range of activities on offer at the school, the subjects taught, the cultural diversity and the contacts with the business community.

What changes have you seen in your daughter since she started at EHL?
What strikes me most is how happy she has been during these first two years at the school. She is more confident, more comfortable with speaking in public and she takes part in a lot of activities. She is very involved in what goes on at the school.

Are you confident about your daughter's career prospects, considering her choice of studies?
I'm very confident about my daughter's future for several reasons: the standard of teaching, the school's reputation, the people that Nina has met and the opportunities she has been given, as well as her progress and her grades so far.


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