Yves, how would you describe EHL in 3 words?
Professionalism, Passion, Fun

What are you most proud of when you talk about EHL?
The school always had, and still has, a great name. Although a degree is not a proxy for success, you know that graduates from EHL have a vast amount of knowledge, skills and abilities that will create the basis for them to thrive and be successful.

What is the one thing you learned at EHL that you use almost every day in your professional life?
That building great relationships with the people around you is crucial – and that staying in touch with your network takes an effort, but is definitely worth it. It’s a network for life!

In which way EHL changed your personal life?
From a professional perspective, EHL built the basis from where I could start my career – and this allowed me to hit the ground running. From a personal perspective, I still cherish all the friendships from my time at school, and the new friends I made over the years through the EHL alumni network.

In your mind, what is special about EHL, compared with other school?
EHL is definitely a degree you have to earn – and this has always been that way. You work hard, and play hard - and this combination is very important.

When parents of potential students ask you advice about EHL and hospitality, what do you say?
Make sure that your son or daughter is really passionate about hospitality. EHL is a great school, and the school will ensure that students are stretched to optimise their learning - but you want to make sure that they enjoy being stretched, and enjoy learning more about the various aspects of our industry.

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