Sarah, how would you describe EHL in 3 words?
Multi-cultural, Top-notch, Multi-skilled

What are you most proud of when you talk about EHL?
I am especially proud of its international reputation and that it is ranked among the best in the world.

What is the one thing you learned at EHL that you use almost every day in your professional life?
Discipline both with respect to working times and dress.

How has EHL changed your personal life?
I developed a much greater openness since I was in contact with different cultures.

In your mind, what is special about EHL compared with other schools?
It is in Switzerland (reputation in terms of service) and has a widely acknowledged international reputation.

When parents of potential students ask you for advice about EHL and hospitality, what do you say?
That the best choice to make is EHL. EHL will allow them to make career choices not necessarily restricted to the hospitality sector.

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