Pascal, how would you describe EHL in 3 words?
High Professional skills
Openness to other culture
Versatility, EHL opens a world of possibilities ... You make the rest.

What are you most proud of when you talk about EHL?
I met my wife there! Also I didn't stay in the hotel business, but I still feel part of that family and values.

What is the one thing you learned at EHL that you use almost every day in your professional life?
Respect. Respect for others, for people of all level in the hierarchy. Respect for work, respect for the clients.
Respect for the experience, respect for the young blood. Respect for myself.

In which way EHL changed your personal life?
I met my wife there! I have also developped my organizing skills. I use this in both professional and personal life.

In your mind, what is special about EHL, compared with other school?
This is the genuine one. All others are copies. EHL is a unique state of mind, that follows you your entire life. It is more than just an experience.

When parents of potential students ask you advice about EHL and hospitality, what do you say?
EHL gives you the best professional preparation as it is a mix if theory and practice. But never forget that this a gift and a gift is nothing without hard work...

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