André, how would you describe EHL in 3 words?
International, future oriented, best in class

What are you most proud of when you talk about EHL?
The perfect education for all kinds of careers in the service industry and the international network.

What is the one thing you learned at EHL that you use almost every day in your professional life?
To be open to anyone and anything.

How did EHL change your personal life?
It opened my mind to a world full of opportunities to start my career. My first job after school was with a hotel and restaurant consulting group. Something that I had never thought about before.

What is the one thing you wish you had learned at EHL?
Your personal knowledge grows with more experience on the job. I think I learned a lot to start my career. Maybe one thing would have been helpful – to better learn how to deal with different cultures.

In your mind, what is special about EHL compared with other schools?
The Alumni Network is unique and outstanding.

When parents of potential students ask you for advice about EHL and hospitality, what do you say?
If you are interested in a career within the service industry - Don’t hesitate, go for it !


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