Asia-Pacific Ambassador

Ms Jill Wang

EHL Ambassador

Representing Taiwan

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Languages: English and Mandarin

Nationality: Taiwanese


Hello, my name is Jill Wang. I come from Taiwan and I am currently a Bachelor student in the English section. 

Having the opportunities to stay at different hotels and interact with variety of people all over the world has driven me to work in the hospitality industry. I graduated from Kaohsiung American School in Taiwan in 2014 and started my education in EHL within the same year. The environment and people in EHL have changed and shaped me into a more mature and responsible person. 

I did my first internship at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo. Other than the amazing food and unforgettable memories I had during the 6 months, I never thought I was able to make my own living in one of the most expensive cities in the world during my first year of college. EHL inspires and provides students the opportunity to explore themselves in a positive way. 

Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in knowing how EHL can help and motivate you into a confident and successful person! 

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