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Ms. Amane Christina Toyoshima

EHL Ambassador

Representing Japan

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Languages: English and Japanese

Nationality: Japanese


My name is Amane Christina Toyoshima, I am Japanese, born in the United States, raised in Japan. I am enrolled in the Bachelor Program in the English section.

I graduated from Kobe Kaisei Girls’ High School, Japan, and spent a year at Appleby College, Ontario, Canada to build up my English language skill. Working in hospitality industry enables you to discover the world and new cultures, to meet new people, and to see new places, which made me realize that it fits my personality. The EHL community is incredibly welcoming and supportive; traits which are rarely found in such academically prestigious institutions! Besides my studies, I enjoy meeting new people, traveling and cooking. By far the most valuable souvenir from my experience as a student at EHL is the confidence I acquired in my ability of adaptation, teamwork, and openness into everything I do.

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have or even just to chat if you do not have any specific questions. I look forward to talking to you.

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