Meet EHL Hong Kong Ambassador

Mr. Adrian Lee

Hong Kong Ambassador

Representing Hong Kong and Macau

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Languages: English and Cantonese

Nationality: Hong Kong


Hey there! My name is Adrian and I'm a student in the English section of the Bachelor Program at EHL. 

Having begun my studies in an International School in Hong Kong and finishing my High School studies at Appleby College in Oakville, Ontario, I have been exposed to countless opportunities and have met students of different backgrounds. Thus I felt right at home with EHL’s community of students due to the school's adapting curriculum and an international student body.

During my time at EHL I have had my internship experiences within the the F&B Department and Guest Relations. I am currently pursuing an administrative internship in hotel development. Personally, I have found my motivation for the hospitality industry because of it’s rapidly changing nature and it’s openness to a diverse set of career paths. I am confident any student who actively seeks new experiences and thoroughly enjoys a rapidly changing environment, will find this school to be a right fit!  You’ll find me playing the bass, in the gym, or on the road!

 If you have any questions about our curriculum or life outside of school, don’t hesitate to contact me! 

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