Focus: Operations management and strategic decision-making
During the second semester of our master's program in global hospitality business, students will explore the core subjects of strategic decision-making within operations management, including courses such as Revenue, Marketing, and Service Quality Management. Key concepts in each subject area are practically applied. Our master's program students will also learn about strategic-decision making in a regional context as they explore current issues relating to the evolution and development of the Asia-Pacific region's hospitality and tourism industry.

Professional Certification 2: Doing Deals and Valuing Hotels by HVS.
The valuation of hotel real estate investments is an important competency for decision-makers in today’s hospitality industry. This workshop provides a framework for students in the master's program to understand the role of owners and managers in the negotiation of management contracts and the valuation techniques used in order to accurately identify the value of a hotel real estate asset within its specific, dynamic environment.

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