Focus: Finance and strategic decision-making
The first semester of our master's program in global hospitality business sets the foundations for strategic decision-making and provides insights into the complex relationships between finance and strategy. Advanced courses such as Corporate and Real-Estate Finance, Hospitality Business Strategies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Business Research Methods and Project Management give students the tools to make sound corporate investment, finance and strategic decisions. The knowledge gained during these courses allows students to set up their business consulting projects — a prerequisite for their capstone projects.

Professional Certification 1: Managing Hotel Demand by Snapshot
A rapidly evolving landscape and shifting consumer behavior in the hotel industry make it vital to understand the dynamics of demand management. The demand management workshop harmonizes revenue, distribution, marketing and finance issues to help students effectively strategize and communicate demand management direction. This is one of the key skills needed to succeed in any master's program in international hospitality management.

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