Finance and strategic decision-making in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa
The first semester sets the foundations for strategic decision-making and provides insights into the complex relationships between finance and strategy.
Advanced courses include:

  • corporate and real-estate finance
  • business research methods
  • project management

Managing Hotel Demand by SnapShot 
This professional certification will validate your knowledge in hotel revenue management, distribution, marketing and finance to optimize hotel performance.

Field trips
Visits to Paris have featured:

  • Behind-the-scenes looks at French hotels
  • Tradition and innovation in French cuisine with renowned Michelin star chefs

Visits to Berlin have featured:

  • Insights about managing Berlin’s branded vs. unbranded luxury hotels
  • An understanding of the German beer-brewing industry

Visits to Rome have featured:

  • Experiencing the history and gastronomy that drive leisure demand
  • Exploring the realities of Rome’s hotel and restaurant business with local alumni
  • Insights into local luxury chain-managed vs. midscale independent hotel operations from local general managers

Locations are subject to change based on market trends.

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