Houston city: third location of your master in global hospitality business

Semester 3: Houston, USA

  1. Houston is the fourth largest city in the United States and is often described as the energy capital of the world. Home to NASA and 25 Fortune 500 companies, it also hosts 14 major colleges and universities enrolling a total of 315,000 students.

    Houston has a very rich and lively social and cultural life. It boasts 18 major cultural scenes, numerous professional sports teams, and 11,000 restaurants!

  2. The University of Houston hosts 41,000 students and has very strong graduate-level programs, offering master's degrees in 139 subjects and doctoral degrees in 54 disciplines.

    With its size comes a wealth of resources, facilities and activities. You will enjoy the campus life of a leading American university and might even become a true fan of the university's beloved football team, the Cougars.

  3. The Conrad N. Hilton College at the University of Houston is one of North America's leading hospitality management institutions and has particularly strong ties to the industry. Hilton College enrolls about 1,100 students in its undegraduate and graduate degree programs. 

    Because of the school's extensive resources and worldwide reputation, major industry organizations such as the Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals’ Research Office have chosen to bring their research operations here.  

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