Master students in Global Hospitality Business, having an international hospitality management group work session on EHL hospitality school campus

Master of Science HES-SO in Global Hospitality Business

  1. Our master's program focusing on international hospitality management was born out of one aspiration shared by three prestigious academic institutions and industry leaders: to educate the next generation of global hospitality leaders, so they will be ready to shape the future development of the hospitality industry.

    The program at a glance:

    • 1 master's degree
    • 3 world leaders in hospitality education
    • 3 business environments
    • 3 professional certifications
    • 3 alumni networks

    The program combines an exceptional blend of classes, cultural experiences and business immersion periods on three continents, with industry seminars delivered by world-class speakers and a real-world consultancy project. By the time you graduate, you will be ready to be a leader in the world of international hotel management.

    Intake: September (annually)

  2. Learn about our current students in the Global Hospitality Business Master's program.

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