Two specializations
Whether you are an entrepreneur at heart or aspire to be the F&B Manager of a prestigious establishment, this specialization module will help you acquire de necessary skills to achieve your career goals.

Elective Bootcamp option 1: Entrepreneurship & Business Plan 
Specifically, the course will cover all the steps from opportunity validation to startup management. Concepts such as Business Model, Business Plan, Financial Forecasting and SME Management will be presented in detail. The students will apply these theoretical concepts through their project.  As a result of following this course, students will develop the following competences:

  • Identify entrepreneurial business opportunities.
  • Develop the innovative components of a project.
  • Apply the various tools of entrepreneurship.
  • Understand the financing process for entrepreneurial ventures.

The objective is for students to acquire the basic analytical tools linked to the strategic management of SMEs and to understand the various challenges of the entrepreneurial development process. 

Elective Bootcamp option 2: F&B Specialist
In this specialization, students deepen their culinary knowledge and perfect their skills. Led by one of the school’s top chefs, they will be further exposed to major topics in the F&B world such as building a menu plan, nutrition, ergonomy, brigade management, microbiology testing and more. They will come out of the course able to work autonomously, and master the essential basics of running an F&B establishment.

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